Unique Cabinet Ideas To Make Your Kitchen More User Friendly

Posted on: 14 January 2015


Love your kitchen, but hate your cabinets? If your cabinets are too high, too deep or just too "blah," you may feel tempted to rip them all out and start fresh. A complete kitchen makeover may not be in the budget, but making some changes to your current cabinets, or replacing them with more modern counterparts, can give you a kitchen you'll really love. Here are some unique cabinet ideas that look great, and make your kitchen more user friendly.

Corner cabinets

It's frustrating to lose space in tight corners where your cabinets meet. One alternative to empty space is the lazy Susan style cabinet, but these can be frustrating if you have very deep cabinets, especially if items fall off into the space behind the turning shelves. You could ask your contractor to install shelves that slide outward, but those can also be problematic if items fall off the back. Pull out cabinets designed specifically for corners are a good alternative, because the entire cabinet slides out to provide easy access to items stored inside. Some of these incorporate drawers, completely eliminating the risk of items falling behind the unit and becoming impossible to reach.

Open cabinets

If you're thinking that open cabinets equate to shelves, think again. Cabinet door inserts allow you to provide the appearance of more space without shelling out for larger cabinets. Wire inserts and perforated metal inserts give an edgy, open look to your cabinets, and they can update an older kitchen instantly. Of course, you could also simply remove the doors from your cabinets to create a truly open look. This works well for cabinets that are high up off the ground, and offers a way to display items without building new shelves.

Glass front cabinets

Replacing some or all of your solid wood cabinet doors with glass front ones allows you to safely display china or other precious items without the need for a separate storage unit. You can simply alter one or two existing cabinets, or opt for a custom-built cabinet to display a larger collection dramatically.

Glass front cabinets are also practical for open plan kitchens which link directly to dining rooms or living rooms. In kitchens with an island or peninsula counter separating it from another room, overhead glass cabinets allow light to penetrate, allowing a more open feeling in the space.

Hiding appliances with clever cabinets

There's a growing trend among homeowners who want a sleek, less cluttered look to their kitchen. Using custom-built cabinets to hide appliances can help you maintain a clean, stylish look in your kitchen. From larger cabinets that discreetly store an entire refrigerator, to smaller ones that keep microwaves out of sight, these practical cabinets can help keep your kitchen looking clutter-free. 

Pull out cabinets for trash or recyclables

Another clever idea for cabinets is the use of pull out cabinets for hiding trash cans or recycling containers. These nifty cabinets discreetly store a small trash can or recycling bin within reach but out of sight. For families with pets or small children, this can be a very useful way to store trash until it can be removed to the main trash can outside. Hidden recycling containers solve the problem of storing empty bottles or cans until they can be taken for recycling. 

Your cabinets offer the biggest visual impact in your kitchen, so it makes sense to use attractive designs when renovating. Thanks to the innovative design of some cabinets, you can create a unique look that's as practical as it is pretty. Consult with a skilled contractor from a firm like Sierra Remodeling & Home Builders Inc about the best ways to improve your cabinets and create a kitchen that you'll love for years to come.