Renting Your Home Out? Focus On Appliances And Attract More Renters With These Steps

Posted on: 22 January 2015


Renting out a home to tenants is a great way to make sure that the bills are covered when you are not able to live there yourself. You may even find that being a landlord is a profitable option in the long run.

While it isn't necessary to deck the place out with furniture and bookshelves, most renters don't have their own appliances to move in with so providing stuff like a fridge, a dishwasher, and even a microwave, will probably yield more attention for your rental.

Use these steps to attract new tenants and to ensure that the appliances in your rental home never become a problem once renters move in:

Schedule an Inspection

The first step in making sure that your rental home provides reliable appliances to tenants is to have them all inspected by a professional from a site like Coils that are burning out, exhaust problems, and electrical issues can be caught and repaired before they affect how the appliances function. An initial inspection and troubleshooting appointment will ensure that your tenants don't end up calling you with the request to make repairs.

Brighten Things up with Color

A great way to make the appliances in your rental home look new again is to paint them! Many renters love the look of stainless steel appliances, but there are also a variety of fun appliance paint colors to choose from that will not only help brighten up the room, but can affect moods too. Try one or more of these options:

  • Calm the space down and lessen the stress with shades so blue.
  • Refresh the home and bring the outdoors in with a little bit of green.
  • Create an upbeat atmosphere and encourage happiness with hues of yellow.

Appliance paint offers a bright glossy finish that makes them look like they just came off the showroom floor. It's easy to use too, making it easy to update your appliances without the need for help from a professional.

Create a Servicing Schedule to Abide By

Once your appliances have been inspected and repaired as necessary, and you have given them a new look, it is a good idea to put together a servicing schedule for your renters to abide by. This will ensure that everything stays in proper working order so you aren't left with astronomical repair bills. Regular inspections and service calls will also help to ensure that your appliances are not being abused or misused in any way.

An easy way to make sure that the servicing is done when scheduled is to provide a yearly calendar to your tenants so they know when to expect the service provider to show up, and then have the provider call to confirm that they've had a chance to inspect your appliances. If you plan to schedule other services throughout the year, such as carpet cleaning and plumbing inspections, it's a good idea to schedule them together so your tenants aren't inconvenienced too much.

Ask for Input When It's Time to Buy New

Sometimes, it's simply a necessity to buy new appliances as the old ones die due to wear and tear. If you like your tenants and you'd like to see them sign another lease with you, consider asking for input before you buy any new appliances. If they are interested in something outside of your budget, they may be willing to cover the extra cost in exchange for the opportunity to enjoy the appliances that they prefer using.

Appliances that are in good shape make your tenants' lives easier, which in turn helps them to feel more at home so they're more likely to treat your rental as if it's theirs as opposed to something they're simply "borrowing."