5 Ways To Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener On A Budget

Posted on: 28 January 2015


You're quick to replace the door on your garage when it starts to show its age, but how often do you remember to update the opener responsible for all that heavy lifting. Homeowners with minimal repair skills can install a variety of upgrades on their own. Even if you need a professional's help to improve your garage door lifter, the upfront cost is well worth the extra years of smooth performance.

Smaller Remote

Too many garage openers still come with a remote as big as a deck of cards. Leaving your garage opener remote in the car is a security risk, so invest in a programmable device that is small enough to fit on your key chain. Order a replacement from the manufacturer of the opener to make sure the radio frequencies match.

Muffled Sound

Are you waking up the rest of the family with your garage opener rattling loudly when you try to sneak out quietly to get to work early? Adding rubber pads to the point where the opener motor connects to the door tracks is the fastest way to muffle those sounds. If you don't feel like handling heavy machinery over your head or on a ladder, call a garage door repair team to handle the rubber pad installation for you.

Ask the installer to add rubber pads to the frame where it bolts onto the outer wall too. These metal bars often transmit vibrations and sound into the wall, so silence the entire garage door with one visit.

Internet Connection

Arriving at your vacation destination becomes a stressful occasion instead of a relaxing moment when you can't remember if you closed the garage door when you left home. Consider installing a module that connects your garage opener to the Internet for benefits like:

  • Warnings sent by text or smart phone app notification to warn you when the door is left open for 30 minutes or longer.
  • Status updates to reassure you the door is still secure.
  • The power to close the door from down the block or halfway around the globe.

Look for equipment compatible with the garage opener you currently use. You'll also need a wireless network in your home to link the door to the Internet. Even if you don't carry a web-enabled smart phone, you can at least enjoy the warnings sent by text to alert you.

Mounted on the Side

Does the idea of a heavy metal case hanging over your windshield make you a little uncomfortable? Try relocating the motors used to lift the door to the sides instead of your ceiling. Side-mounted opener motors save space and eliminate any risk of damage to your car.

Improved Security

Of course, all the extra technology can still fail unless you back it up with security upgrades too. Start with a garage opener using rolling-code technology that sends out a random number to your remote. This prevents thieves armed with code randomization equipment from hacking into your garage's radio connection.

Physical locks also help, especially when you plan to go on a long trip and leave your car safely inside. Bar locks prevent an intruder from forcing the door up, and it's easy enough to unlock when you get home and enter the garage from inside the home.

Attractive and tough garage doors deserve openers that match in durability. Don't wait until your automatic opener is hacked or forced open to invest in some upgrades for better security and reliability. Talk to your trusted garage door repair team to complete as many of these upgrades as possible. It'll give you peace of mind when you take your next vacation or start parking your new dream car.