How To Create A Shabby Chic Bathroom Without Spending A Fortune

Posted on: 3 March 2015


The shabby chic look is hotter than ever. Instead of spending a fortune on décor, you can create your own bathroom accessories. If you want to learn how to get the shabby chic look all by yourself, here are some great ideas to create your own dream bathroom.

Distressed Look

The distressed look is important for the shabby chic look. Distressed furniture brings out the charm and ties the whole look together. You can create the distressed look with any colors you want. Starting with dark woods is the easiest way to achieve the look. You can stain your furniture and wooden décor dark if it isn't already. After staining the wood and allowing it to dry, lightly sand random areas throughout the pieces. This will make the paint stick to the wood unevenly. Next, lightly paint the wood with one coat of paint. If the paint is too heavy in any area you can wipe it with a rag, which will ultimately enhance the look. To enhance the look further, do a lighter paint wash over the piece once it has dried. Do this by mixing the paint with some water. Paint a thin coat with the paint wash and let it dry.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a simple and fun way to add to the shabby chic look. Instead of purchasing costly accessories to hold cotton swabs, toothbrushes, and other items, just set out mason jars. You can enhance their look by putting colorful decorative rocks inside of them or tying craft ribbons around the mouth of the jars.


Slotted wooden crates make great shelves. You can give them the same distressed look as the other bathroom furniture, paint them a solid color, or leave them brown. Which ever route you go, the crates will enhance the look. You can use them for extra toilet paper, washcloths, and/or lotions, or anything else you want displayed.

Wooden Ladders

Nothing is more shabby chic than wooden ladders. If you have the room, you can put a tall wooden ladder against one wall. This will give you a place to hang towels and hand towels. Again, you can paint it or just leave it brown.

Small wooden step ladders are another great choice. These make great shelves for décor. Put the step ladders in corners with fake, leafy plants, colorful flowers, or lotions and soaps.

Metal Buckets

Pairing the wood with metal is a great look. Finding old metal buckets, planters, and other items will enhance your bathroom. You can place a metal bucket by your bathtub and roll up some towels to put inside of it. Another fun idea is using one for bath salts. You can get a metal can with a lid and fill it with bath salts. If it is too large to lift, you can find a small metal scoop or even a soup ladle to put inside. An old metal vessel is an elegant way to present guest towels and wash cloths.


The secret of shabby chic is to make everything look vintage and beautiful. What is more vintage than wallpaper? Many people like to go white for the shabby chic look, so wallpaper will bring some color into the room as well. Damask is a very popular pattern that doesn't make the walls look too busy. If you don't mind busy, floral is a great look as well. If you don't want to wallpaper the whole room, you can put it on an accent wall or even frame a piece of wallpaper with a distressed picture frame.

The shabby chic look is easy to achieve and it doesn't have to be expensive. Basically any piece of furniture can be great. If it is falling apart, give it a light paint wash and it will bring it's own charm to the room. If you open your mind, the most useless looking objects can make a wonderful piece for your bathroom. Try visiting to find a selection of bathroom accessories for your remodeling project.