Renovating? 3 Reasons To Choose Junk Removal Services Over A Traditional Dumpster

Posted on: 22 June 2015


Although it might be easy to underestimate the construction debris generated from a home renovation, trash can pile up fast when you are pulling down drywall or replacing counters. To remedy the problem, some homeowners choose to rent a dumpster and park it outside for a few weeks. However, there might be an easier way to take care of all of that extra garbage. Here are three reasons to choose junk removal services over a traditional dumpster, and why you won't regret your decision:

1: You Won't Need to Ask Permission

When you are in the middle of a renovation, you might not give a second thought to how that dumpster looks parked outside. After all, who cares about a little disruption in your curb appeal when your entire kitchen is getting a makeover? Unfortunately, other people might not share your patience. In fact, some places require homeowners to seek permits stating when the dumpster will be in place. Here are a few organizations that might care about your unsightly bin:

  • Your Homeowner's Association: Your HOA is dedicated to preserving community aesthetics and keeping the area safe. For these reasons, some HOA groups prohibit temporary dumpsters, while others issue strict usage time limits. If you are caught breaking the rules, you might be fined. While most HOA fees range between twenty-five and a hundred dollars, they might be higher—depending on your local regulations.
  • The City: Although you might assume that city officials aren't paying attention to your quiet street, they might have something to say if garbage trucks and mail carriers can't make their way down a crowded road.

Fortunately, you might be able to avoid the trouble of seeking permits and waiting for approval by using junk removal services instead. Because junk removal professionals can swoop in and remove all of your debris in a single day, you won't have to worry about keeping a dumpster around during your renovation.

2: Your Contractors Can Focus On the Task At Hand

If you added up all of the time your construction team spent walking to and from the dumpster, you might notice that a decent percentage of their workday is dedicated towards trash removal. Unfortunately, the longer your crew spends tidying up, the less time they have to measure, drill, and sand. Traditional dumpsters also come along with their own to-do lists. Your construction crew might be charged with the ever-present task of monitoring debris levels, calculating loads, and calling the waste management company to arrange pick up times.

However, by using a professional junk removal company instead, your contractors will have more time to focus on the task at hand. Instead of having to carry all of the construction trash to a designated bin, your crew can keep working—speeding up your project. In fact, since junk removal teams can go through worksites to gather trash, your construction zone might stay cleaner and more organized—without that ugly dumpster.

3: You Don't Have To Worry About Damaging Your Landscaping

Unfortunately, time delays and city permits aren't the only hassles that accompany traditional trash bins. Believe it or not, your outdoor landscaping might suffer as a result of your indoor renovation. As contractors travel to and from the bin all day long, they can wear a path into your grass or through your flowerbeds. Unfortunately, metal dumpsters also contain sharp feet that can sink into your lawn and damage your sod. By the time your renovation is complete and that dumpster is returned, you might discover an entirely new project outside.

Fortunately, because junk removal companies send teams of experts that can eradicate trash in a hurry, you won't have to worry about your landscaping taking a hit. Also, since trash can stay where it accumulates, you won't have to worry about high-traffic areas creating ugly wear patterns.

By working with a professional junk removal service, you might be able to enjoy a more relaxed construction zone, faster progress, and less collateral damage. You can continue reading more about junk removal companies here.