Trick Your Semi-Truck To Maximize Work Opportunities

Posted on: 1 February 2016


With an estimated need through the next decade for more than 800,000 new truck drivers, now is the perfect time to invest in a semi-truck for a shot at a new career in the transportation business. As the owner of your own truck, you may even be able to score a promising contract as an employee with a major distributor. After finding and investing in a truck that meets your performance needs and preferences, it's a good idea to deck it out so you can catch the eye of potential clients and optimize your work opportunities. Consider incorporating one or more of the following ideas:  

Advertise Yourself

As an independent trucker you'll need to advertise your business in order to maintain a steady flow of work throughout the year and to continue building your workload and profits. The most cost effective way to advertise yourself is to do so right on your semi-truck.

You are sure to see impressive results by attaching a custom-made weatherproof sign to the back door of the truck that advertises a variety of your services and maybe even offers a discount opportunity for new customers.

This sign will give you an opportunity to tell your story to potential clients so they have some insight into what they can expect if they decide to hire you, and should make your contact information easy to read even by passersby who are hundreds of yards away from you. Your designer can help you choose eye appealing colors and create a logo  for your custom sign that sets you apart from the competition.

You have several other advertising options as well including:

  • Printing your company logo and contact number on the truck's mud flaps.
  • Painting the name of your company as well as your business number on the doors of the truck.
  • Installing window decals on the windshield to promote the areas and types of clients that you service.

Use these advertising methods in combination with one another to stand out from the crowd while you're on the road. Click to get more info here.

Install Some New Tires

If you want to safely stay on the road more often than you aren't, it is essential to invest in a reliable set of tires for your new truck. You may find that some companies are willing to offer incentives to trucking contractors that they work with who maintain newer, high quality tires and parts on their rigs because it minimizes the chance that their deliveries will be delayed or damaged due to breakdowns and flat tires.

If your semi-truck doesn't come equipped with tires that have a minimum of 4/32 inches of tread depth, you should consider replacing them with brand new tires or at least a set that has plenty of tread left. Keeping your tire purchase in mind during tax time, as you might be able to deduct them as a write-off.

Keep Expansion in Mind

When shopping for a semi-truck, it's important to keep expansion in mind so that it can grow with you as you expand your services. Your truck should have multiple expansion capabilities associated with it so it's possible to tow any products that your customers need to have delivered, even if those products are flammable or fragile. One ability your truck should have is a refrigerator connection so you can transport things such as milk, lettuce, meats, and other sensitive products safely across the country.

Investing in a semi-truck with sleeping accommodations that can be expanded is also helpful, as it will surely save you some money on hotels and restaurants. You'll also be able to stay on the road longer and reach your destinations sooner to impress clients. Look for a truck with enough room for you to put a small bed frame in the back so you can store things underneath the sleeping area. The seats should provide storage space under them as well, so you can keep things like small coolers and propane stoves in reach for those long road trips.

These ideas should be pretty easy to incorporate into your semi-truck once you drive it off the lot, and each can be customized to help you reach your specific career goals for the long term.