Storybook Style Makeover: More Fun, Less Fuss With Modern Siding For A Fairy-Tale Home Facade

Posted on: 15 July 2016


Falling in love with the storybook architectural style is easy. Its cute little nooks and crannies, the decorative chimneys and handsome woodwork evoke a playful sense of fun and fantasy. Creating the same house style for yourself from an ordinary bungalow or ranch style home can be fun – and challenging. But you have a lot more resources to draw on these days than when storybook style first became popular in the 1920s. With modern building materials such as treated wood, stone veneer and vinyl siding, your contractor can help make your storybook home charming, bewitching and as pretty as a picture.

Start With the Siding Profile

The exterior walls of a storybook style house set the tone for the entire structure. The home's cladding is where you'll achieve that first joyful flair of whimsy. Your choices for vinyl siding include:

  • Classic clapboard style – long horizontal pieces that overlap. Use clapboard for uncomplicated visual appeal when you plan to enhance the storybook look with a lot of decorative elements like gingerbread woodwork, railings, tile and fancy windows.
  • Traditional board and batten style – vertical sections with raised center strips covering each joint. The strong up-and-down visual lines work well on a single-story house to give it a sense of added height and spaciousness.
  • Playful scallop style – repeated curves on long, overlapping sections of siding. Clad the whole house in scallops for a lighthearted lacy effect. Or use scalloped siding only on the gables and other select exterior portions to create delightful accents.
  • Woodsy shake style – siding sections replicate the look of split-wood shakes. It's ideal for a charming cabin-in-the-woods effect, or use shake-style siding to highlight porches, window gables and the entry area.
  • Natural stone style – lightweight veneer designed to look like stones without all the extra bulk and labor involved to install actual stones from a quarry. The veneer makes it possible to give a simple bungalow sturdy, stone-clad appeal.

TIP: No matter which style you use to enhance the dreamy appearance of your made-over house, you'll find that it's easy to keep modern siding looking clean and fresh. Simply wash it down with soapy water and a garden hose.

Make it Magical With Color and Texture

The hallmark of storybook style is playfulness. If you decide to transform your ordinary bungalow into an extraordinary tribute to beloved fairy tales, consider these options for siding to achieve these classic looks:

  • Storybook Castle. Use vinyl siding in a soft pearl-gray hue with pastel-colored trim and decorative features to create a design worthy of Cinderella. Add charming texture with areas covered in scallop-style siding.
  • Cabin in the Woods. Have wood siding installed when the tales of Goldilocks or Hansel & Gretel are your inspiration. The siding can be stained for a rustic appearance or painted in brown, green or mustard tones to blend in with the landscaping.
  • Middle Earth Hideaway. Create the natural charm of a Hobbit house with stone veneer siding. Accent the richly textured siding with a sturdy wood window casings and a solid wood door with iron hardware to achieve an organic, natural appearance.

TIP: If you plan to have two or more types of siding installed for the enchanting look you desire, draw your plans before the siding contractor arrives to do an estimate. Make copies of the drawing so the contractor can take accurate measurements to prepare a thorough pricing proposal.

Storybook style isn't for everyone, but if you're a dreamer with a love for fantasy you'll enjoy the creative ways you can transform an existing house into a fun, fairy-tale place to live.