3 Questions You Should Consider When You Are Determining Where Your New Spa Will Be Installed

Posted on: 20 July 2016


If you are like many people at the end of the day, a long, hot soak in the spa is something you'd like to experience on a regular basis. If you are finally at the point in your life where doing so is possible, it is important to know the right questions to ask when you are choosing the new spa, as discussed below.  

#1-Can The New Spa Be Placed Safely On A Back Porch?

While many people have chosen to install the spa on a back porch or deck, doing so is not without challenges. For instance, if it is visible to your visitors, you may be asked to share it with them on a regular basis. In addition, if those visitors are young, you might have to plan to be nearby at all times while the youngsters are in your pool if you choose not to deny them access.

The other aspect to consider when choosing placement is the safety of any pets that you might have, as they could become similarly unsafe if the pool was not covered up and secure at all times.

#2-Does The Homeowner's Association In Your Area Have Any Rules That Will Impact Your New Spa?

Although it is unfortunate, the homeowner's associations in many areas have become much more strict about a variety of seemingly unimportant factors in recent years. One of those factors could be the use of home spas. Therefore, if you want to avoid having to move the location of your spa in the near future, you should verify any rules that are in place.

You may find that your homeowner's association will only allow spas to be placed outside your home if they are under a certain size or even in a certain color, while some homeowner's associations will have no limitations at all.  

#3-Will You Be Comfortable Walking To And From The Spot Where The Spot Will Be Installed?

A third factor to consider will impact your overall comfort level of using the spa. For instance, when you are soaking in a warm spa in December, you could easily be comfortable as long as you are in the water. As soon as you step out, the freezing air could easily destroy the relaxation that you achieved while soaking. As a result, while choosing a secluded corner of your yard for your spa seems like a great idea now, it could easily be a mistake later on.

Your contractor may be able to suggest placing it in a closer area or even choosing a darker color for the spa. By doing so, it is possible that it will blend a bit better into the area around it and it will still provide you with privacy while you are using it.

There is no doubt that a spa at home is a wonderful way to end your day. However, it is a big purchase and you are likely to be living with the new spa for many years, so it is a good idea to ask the questions listed above when you are arranging for your new spa.

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