What Commercial Paving Mistakes Could Lead to Disaster?

Posted on: 27 February 2017


In an effort to save money, some businesses are opting to pave their own driveways and parking lots. Unfortunately, mistakes made throughout the process can leave the owners with a less than desired result. If you are planning to pave your own lot, here are some mistakes to be wary of.  

Failing to Plan

Although paving the lot might seem as simple as renting the right equipment and starting the job, it is a bit more complex. You need to plan every aspect of the task or you could have trouble throughout the project. For instance, if you have not carefully thought out which materials you need, you could run out of materials in the midst of doing the job. Having to stop and go get more materials is nothing more than a waste of time and resources.  

To avoid this, take the time to plan out the task. If you are unsure of what is needed to get it done, consider consulting with a local paving company for guidance. You can even get a scope for how large the actual project is from the company. 

Selecting the Wrong Material

Not all paving materials are created equal. Although asphalt is commonly used for commercial uses, it might not be right for your particular lot. If you fail to select the right material, you could be faced with needed to re-pave your lot sooner rather than later.  

Take the time to research the various types of materials available and determine under which conditions each should be used. Researching your options also helps you to understand which material you can use to not only save money, but get a quality finish. 

Refusing to Hire a Contractor

Even though you are attempting to take on paving the lot yourself to save money, you could actually lose money. There are several costly errors that you could make that could result in the need for a professional to come through and make repairs. By opting to hire a professional from the beginning, you can avoid those mistakes.  

Another added benefit of hiring a professional paving service is that you get a guarantee for the work that is performed. If there are issues within the warranty period, the paving will be professionally assessed and repaired. By contrast, if repairs are needed after you pave the lot, you will be responsible for them. Ultimately, you will likely end up having to call in a professional to assist with the lot. 

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