Enticing Features to Consider for Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: 11 April 2017


When you've hired a renovation contractor for a kitchen makeover that includes custom wood cabinets, you'll have a lot to think about. The color of the cabinets, the door styles, and even the hardware are all things that you'll need to evaluate at the start of the project. While these visual factors are definitely important, you shouldn't overlook the necessity of also considering the functionality of your new custom wood kitchen cabinets. The thought you put into the cabinets now can make you enjoy working in the kitchen much more in the months and years ahead. Here are some enticing features to consider for your custom kitchen cabinets.

Soft Closing

The kitchen can often be one of the noisiest rooms in your home, especially if multiple family members are using it concurrently. You can help to make the kitchen quieter and thus less stressful by having your renovation contractor install soft closing hardware on your kitchen cabinets. With this hardware in place, a door that is roughly pushed shut will stop just before making contact with the frame, and then slowly shut on its own. In doing so, it will shut without any noise, which is a handy way to reduce the overall volume in your kitchen.


By putting some careful thought into how you want your kitchen to be, you can suggest some customization projects for your renovation contractor. One custom cabinet idea that many people favor is having a spice rack built into a pull-out shelf in a cabinet. This way, instead of having your spice rack taking up space on the counter, it will handily be inside the cabinet — but easy to retrieve with a quick pull. Similarly, some people favor cabinet doors that are hinged at the bottom, allowing the door to open by falling forward. This type of drawer can be handy for storing onions or potatoes, for example.

Glass Inserts

Having glass inserts in some of your kitchen cabinets can allow you to display items that may augment the look of your kitchen. For example, if you have some eye-catching wine glasses or serving dishes that you wish to display but that you don't want to get in the way, putting them in a cabinet with a glass front can be the perfect compromise. You can even consider having overhead lights installed in the cabinet so that your display items are attractively illuminated.