Tips For Choosing The Best Roller For Your Indoor Painting Project

Posted on: 11 April 2017


If you want to update your home and make the inside look more modern, then it may be time to start thinking about painting some of your walls. Painting is a task that most homeowners can handle on their own. However, if you do not feel comfortable with the painting, then it is wise to invest in professional services. If you want to try your hand at the painting yourself, then you should purchase some rollers to paint with. Keep reading to learn how to pick your rollers.

Choose Nap Based On Texture

Paint rollers come in a wide variety of lengths and nap sizes. When you look at the nap size, you should understand that the size directly corresponds with the amount of paint that the roller can hold. A short nap that is one-quarter to three-eighths of an inch long is best for smooth walls that require very little paint to cover the fine surfaces. This means that you can retain a smooth and even surface, but you may need to add two thin layers of paint to cover the walls properly. 

If your walls are rough or textured, then it is best to go with a roller that has a longer nap. Rollers with three-quarters to one-half inch naps are best. These rollers can cover surfaces made from plaster, concrete, and stucco. If you use these longer nap rollers, just make sure that you do not allow too much paint to remain on the roller when you get ready to paint. Running the roller along the textured part of the paint tray is a good way to remove some of the excess paint. 

When you choose your roller, paint a small section of the wall and inspect the surface. If the paint is not as smooth as you would like, then choose a roller with a shorter nap and try again.

Pick The Best Material

Rollers come in a wide variety of different materials and the material that you should choose hinges on the type of paint that you have decided to use on your walls. If you want to use latex paint so you have a durable surface in your home, then you should purchase a synthetic roller made from nylon or polyester materials. These rollers resist matting and keep paint from building up and hardening on the roller. The rollers also keep their shape so thicker paints can be applied smoothly.

If you are using acrylic paints, then you can choose either full synthetic rollers or blended ones that are made for both synthetic and natural materials. Acrylic paints are easy to use and come out looking smooth in most cases, so most types of rollers can be utilized. If you want to add oil-based paints to the walls, then it is wise to opt for a natural fiber paint roller. The rollers do not hold onto the paint like synthetic ones do and this allows the paint to make it onto your wall successfully.

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