When Your Construction Projects Aren't Going As Planned A Materials Engineer May Help

Posted on: 16 April 2017


Sometimes, no matter how well you planned a construction project, things don't go as planned. Perhaps the materials you are using are not working together well, or maybe they are not doing what you need them to do. If all the details seem to be right, and you cannot find a reason why things are going wrong, it is time to call in a materials engineer to assess the situation and recommend ways to correct the problems. Here are just a few issues you may be up against that the engineer can help you with.

Strengthen the Material

If a material you are working with is not maintaining its strength and integrity once it is put in place, the strength and durability of the whole project is compromised. A materials engineer will inspect the material and how it is being used. He or she can then test the same material in a variety of different scenarios to find its true strength. Now the engineer will attempt to create alternative ways of using the material to maintain its strength. For example, if you have been welding two pieces of metal together only to have them break apart or not be able to hold the weight asserted against it, an engineer may work with the metal to find that it will remain strong if you bend one piece instead of trying to use two pieces.

Discover Why a Material is Corroding

It can be very frustrating to have materials start to corrode long before they normally would. When this is the problem, contact a materials engineer to come test everything. It is important that the engineer comes to you, so he or she can test the air and anything that comes into contact with the material. It could be something as simple as chemicals or substances in the soil that is causing the problem. The engineer can them recommend ways to coat the material or clean the soil of the offending substance.

Materials engineers study the properties of materials. They understand how they react and/or interact with other things. They are the people to call when you have swapped out one lot of a material to find that it wasn't a defect because the next lot is behaving the same way. Do not waste time being frustrated with nothing getting done. These engineers can make what appears to be an impossible task completely doable. Companies like Western Technologies INC can help.