The Best Elegant Deck Design Ideas To Combine Composite Lumber Materials

Posted on: 21 May 2017


If you want to have an elegant deck design, using conventional decking materials is not always the best solution. Wood materials are straight and limit designs with curved features, but composites allow you to do more and are practically maintenance-free. Today, there are even premium materials that give your deck the look of exotic woods with composite materials. Here are some of the best deck design ideas to do for your deck with composite lumber materials:

1. Create Pool Side Sitting That Has Contours and Curves

Do you have a pool in your backyard that needs more space for sitting around it? Adding a deck or platform that contours to the shape of the pool or landscaping can be a great addition to a backyard with a pool. Materials like T-rex composite decking are a great choice for these projects too; they are idea materials to use in an environment with water and chemicals like around a pool. In addition, the flexibility of composite decking materials also allows them to be shaped easily without problems like checking that happens with many wood products.

2. Two-tone Designs That Are Made of The Same Exact Materials

Two-tone designs can be a great solution for decks, providing an easy way to create patterns and elegant designs. With wood materials, sometimes different woods are used to create different colors, which may age differently and create problems. Since composite materials are the same, even when different tones are used, you do not have the problems that you have with wood materials. This makes creating patterns and designs for decks using different colors much easier.

3. Custom Designed Stairs and Railings for Decks and Patios

Custom designed stairs can also easily be made with composite decking materials. First, the structure will need to be made of conventional materials, but the decking can be done with composite lumber, allowing curves and other features. For railings, the manufactures of T-rex decking offer many composite railing systems to complete your deck with a custom railing. The decking and railing systems are also great to add custom features to patios or platforms for outdoor sitting areas in landscaping.

These are some of the best deck design ideas that composite lumber will allow you to do. Contact T-rex deck builders to help with creating an elegant deck design for your backyard oasis.  They will be able to create and elegant design for your new deck with durable composite decking materials. Check with places like Decks-Decks-Decks for more information.