Summer's Here! Follow These Seasonally Appropriate Plumbing Tips

Posted on: 6 June 2017


Plumbing emergencies can happen in any season, but there are some problems that plumbers see time and time again in the summer. From overflowing septic tanks to clogged garbage disposals, these summer plumbing tips can help you avoid calls to the plumber.

Don't put fibrous veggies down the disposal.

Summer is the season for sweet corn, but all of those husks are better off in your compost pile or trash can than down the disposal. The corn silk and the fibers in the corn husks can easily get wound around the garbage disposal's grinding mechanism, contributing to clogs and burnt-out motors. Other summery foods that should not go into the disposal include: onion skin, asparagus, celery, meat bones, and squash rinds.

Don't put a sprinkler over the septic leach field.

Playing in the sprinkler can be great summer fun for the kids, but if you put the sprinkler over your septic leach field, you may saturate the soil in this area and make it hard for the septic tank to drain. Locate your leach field, and then make sure you always plan water-based kids activities far from this area.

Space out your showers.

If you have guests come to stay overnight during the summer vacation--and your home has a septic system rather than a public sewer connection--make sure you don't all shower at the same time. Otherwise, your risk overfilling your septic tank and having to deal with a leak. Try having some people shower in the morning and others shower at night. Some can even shower mid-day if you're home all day!

Put mesh over the washing machine's drain hose.

During the summer, your clothes may have pieces of grass, leaves, and other debris on them. These particles get rinsed off your clothes and down the drain connected to your washing machine. The problem is that they can build up and clog this drain. To prevent washer-related clogs, make sure you put a piece of mesh--either metal or fabric--over the end of your washer hose. You can secure it with a rubber band.

Keep toilet lids closed.

Summer is the peak season for toilet clogs, mostly because kids are home for the summer and have more time to entertain themselves with sometimes-harmful activities like flushing toys, socks, and other items down the toilet. To protect your plumbing from your own kids and from visiting kids this summer, get into the habit of keeping the toilet lid closed. Keep a close eye on your kids when they are playing near the bathroom, and have talks about the dangers of flushing things down the toilet.

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