Understanding The Benefits Of Insulated Vinyl Siding

Posted on: 28 June 2017


The siding on your home is important, especially when you are looking for a long-term, low-maintenance investment. If you've already decided to go vinyl, the next step is selecting the final style. Not only do you need to consider cosmetics, you also need to think about the construction. For example, did you know that there are some styles of vinyl siding that are constructed with additional insulation? Here are a few reasons why you should consider opting for insulated vinyl siding instead of the traditional style.

You're Not Sacrificing Aesthetics

You might think that by going for the practical, well-insulated type of vinyl siding, you'll have to settle for a practical, boring appearance. The fact is that insulated vinyl siding is available in nearly all the same colors, finishes, styles, and designs as traditional vinyl siding.

In addition, the added stability of the insulation panels behind your vinyl siding allows the siding to be cut in larger pieces. This reduces the number of seams you'll have along your home's exterior, which helps the siding appear more cohesive. Also, the reduced number of seams provides a straighter finish with fewer irregularities that can occur between panels.  

One other visual benefit is the fact that the firm insulation panels provide structural integrity to the siding. It keeps it straighter, more flush against the exterior wall, and reduces the risk of the wavy installation that you may end up with if you buy traditional siding. That means you won't be sacrificing any aesthetics for the purposes of having added insulation behind your siding.

You'll Save Money Over Time

One of the reasons many homeowners overlook insulated vinyl siding is because it can often cost more than the traditional style. When you're looking just at the immediate financial picture, that may seem to make sense. However, what most people don't recognize is that the initial investment in insulated vinyl siding will actually save you money substantially over the long run.

The added insulation will actually increase the energy efficiency of your home. It helps to prevent thermal transfer throughout your home by establishing an insulation barrier between the exterior siding surface and your home. Over time, this will actually reduce your home energy costs by minimizing your climate control demands.

It's Long-Lasting And Durable

Insulated vinyl siding is more durable and offers better protection for your home than traditional vinyl siding. These panels are typically crafted with a unique interlocking design that keeps the insulation sealed completely, preventing water and other hazards from seeping behind.

This means you won't have to worry about mold, mildew, pest infestations, or water damage behind your siding. Most vinyl siding is also resistant to sun fading and ultraviolet ray damage, which reduces the frequency with which you'll need to replace it. It's resistant to all kinds of weather issues, including severe temperatures, high winds, hail, and other dangers.

It's Easy To Install And Maintain

Like other vinyl siding, insulated vinyl siding is easy to install. The snap-together design allows for it to be applied to your home quickly and easily. In addition, vinyl siding requires very little maintenance other than the occasional scrubbing to remove dirt. Most new vinyl siding also comes with a warranty, making it easier address problems. Also, vinyl can be patched and replaced with ease if it does get damaged in any event.

With the information here, you can see the advantages to investing in insulated vinyl siding for your home. Before you make any decisions on your new siding, talk with a vinyl siding contractor from a company like Four Seasons Home Products.