How Does Sealcoating Your Driveway Protect It?

Posted on: 25 July 2017


You might be wondering if you should apply any type of sealcoating to your driveway this year. There are people who believe it isn't necessary and that if there aren't any problems with the asphalt or concrete, it's an easy fix. There are real reasons why you should apply sealcoating to your driveway and the fact is, it does protect it. How does this protect your driveway? There are several things to protect it from.

Lengthens Pavement Lifetime

When you apply sealcoating to either a concrete or asphalt driveway, you are helping to extend the length of time your pavement will be useful, in other words, you are lengthening its lifetime. This coating helps protect the underlying asphalt or pavement from the rubber of the car's tires, the harsh elements, rainfall, and freezing that happens during the winter. When you are able to extend your pavement's life, you will save yourself money on having to re-pave every few years. It will also help you save money on repair costs as the surface will be harder for much longer.

Sun Damage

You might not realize it, but the sun pounding down on your driveway will have a negative effect on it. The sun will dry out an asphalt driveway quicker than you might think and cracking will occur. When you apply sealcoating, it will prevent much of the sun's harshest rays from penetrating the surface and deeper into your driveway and will protect it from drying out too fast.


Your driveway, both asphalt and concrete, are vulnerable to different types of fluids penetrating the surface and causing cracks and rifts to appear. When you sealcoat it, it will help to prevent damage to your driveway from fluids that may drip from your car. This can include gas, brake fluid, antifreeze and even water. When gas or other chemical fluid drips onto your driveway, it will weaken it making it soft and more vulnerable to the weight of your car and as such, creating deep grooves where your car sits and also cracks.

Seal in the Fall or Spring

The best time to protect your driveway using sealcoating is either during the spring or fall. Summer is often too hot with the sun shining down through many hours and it can make the sealcoating evaporate and not really adhere to the driveway the way it should. When you apply your sealcoating in spring or fall, you will get the correct temperatures needed to apply it and also, make sure you have at least a day without rain before completing the work.

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