4 Stylish Windows For Your Living Room

Posted on: 16 August 2017


Window replacement can feel like a big undertaking. It does present a large investment, but window replacement can greatly improve your home's energy efficiency. It also has the potential to provide a makeover for your home's façade and even interior. As you plan your window replacement project, consider making over your living room with new window designs.

Bay Window

A classic addition for the living room is a bay window bump out. Such an addition creates visual interest in the exterior of your house. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, a bay window can also add drama to the interior if you combine it with an architectural element such as an arch. Additionally, a bay adds space to your living room that you can use as seating. Place your bay window bump out so it overlooks an attractive vista.

Picture Window

Another option for highlighting the view is with a picture window. A picture window also lets in more natural light. Picture windows are typically stationary, so you won't use them for ventilation. However, a picture window requires less construction than a bay window bump out. Indeed, if you have a regular window in your living room, it might be possible to just widen the opening and install the picture window.

Octagon Window

If you'd like to add even more visual interest with the window itself, consider an elongated octagon, which is essentially an oval with corners. As with the picture window, you may be able to adapt an existing window opening for this installation. Elongated octagon windows also look stylish when you combine them with the bay bump out. These windows often come with multiple panes of glass, making them ideal for traditional or historical homes. However, you can choose single-paned glass for a modern appearance.

Transom Window

Another method for highlighting architecture is by adding a transom window, which is installed above another window or a door. Such an installation draws the eye upward, making transom windows ideal for vaulted or otherwise high ceilings. You can choose a standard rectangle or opt for a starburst, or semicircular, window. It's also possible to choose an elongated starburst, two quarterbursts, or a custom shape. A transom window can be stationary or operable in case you want extra ventilation. Besides complementing the architecture, the main advantage of transom windows is they allow more light in without decreasing your privacy.

Whether highlighting the view or the architecture, new window designs can give your house's façade and your living room a makeover. Contact a glass company, like Port Orchard Glass, to get started.