Why Vinyl Is The Perfect Awning Material

Posted on: 19 December 2017


Installing an awning, whether it is permanent or retractable, is a great investment. Even small, simple awning can provide some valuable shade to your window fixtures. They can reduce the amount of time that the sun hits your windows or large glass doors, drastically cutting solar absorption. They can also protect your windows from the impact of debris falling from your trees. Most importantly, an awning can provide shade to your patio and other spaces on your exterior, making them more enjoyable.

No matter how big or small your awnings are, you have to realize that they are facing the sun and meant to protect you from all of the elements. That is, they are going to be exposed to all of the elements, so your awning to be able to withstand them. Most importantly, you want them to be made out of a material that is waterproof, fade resistant, and durable. This is why vinyl is such a great choice for residential awnings.

Vinyl is Strong

Vinyl is a super durable and strong material. It is hard like plastic, but more flexible so it is less likely to crack or break. On top of this, vinyl is waterproof, which means that moisture is not going to weaken it. It is very important to realize that vinyl is the same consistency throughout the entire piece. It is not capped or coated in anything. So, even if the top layer was shaved off, or the vinyl was cut in half, the inside of the piece would be just as waterproof. This is significant because it means that you never need to paint or seal vinyl. It is not going to fade over time and lose its waterproof finish. It will remain waterproof, even if it starts to deteriorate.

Vinyl Is Resilient

Over time, the sun is bound to have the biggest impact on vinyl. It could cause the vinyl to deteriorate and lose color. It will probably take at least a decade for the fading to be noticeable. However, if you clean your vinyl every once in a while, you can slow down this fading. Regardless, the fading and color loss on vinyl is going to be far slower than the fading you would experience with aluminum or wooden awnings.

Basically, vinyl is a material that is perfect for residential awning construction. It comes in the most popular styles and colors, so homeowners have no problem finding a product to match their home. To learn more, contact an awning installation company.