Safety Tips For Your Next Welding Project

Posted on: 3 March 2018


Whether you'll be the one welding or you're having welders work on your project, there are some important things to know about keeping safe with welding machines on site. 

Don't Make Direct Contact with the Machine

One way for an electric current to transfer to the welder and deliver an electric shock is through direct physical contact with the machine during operation. Make sure the welder is using specialized gloves that insulate their hands from current. 

Keep Two Electrical Currents from Mixing

When electrical currents from the welding machine and another piece of machinery interact, the results can be deadly. Unless you are trained to do so, don't weld onto another machine that is carrying a current. 

Only Turn On the Welder When Needed

Electrical current can run through the welder, even when you're not working. Shocks happen when a worker accidentally touches the machine when it's turned on but not operational. So, turn on the welding machine only for the short bursts of time when you need to use it. 

Use Welding Machines in a Well Ventilated Area

Another important tip is to only use the machine in an area that gets a lot of ventilation. Welding machines can put off fumes that may not seem noxious in small doses, but they can have some negative health effects if you're working with the welder all day long or for many days in a row. Try to use the welding machine near an exhaust fan or other well ventilated area.

Keep Away from Water or Flammable Materials

Also keep the welding machine away from flammables or sources of water. Check your workstation for these before you get started.

Get the Right Equipment

The right welding machines have a few important safety features. They are well designed so that you can tell what every component does and when the machine is turned on or off. They should have a secure base so that the welding machine doesn't fall or slip out of your grasp. A quality welding machine has protective casing to prevent electrical shocks. It is also well designed and tested so that it delivers the amount of electrical current you expect. Whether you are renting or buying your welding machines, have the sales representative explain the safety features to you and recommend a machine that meets high standards for safety. It's your life or someone else's that is at stake, so safety is a top concern. 

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