Need Someone To Haul Your Heavy Construction Machinery? What To Know

Posted on: 25 April 2018


If you have heavy machinery that you have to transfer from job site to job site, or even from one commercial property to another that is hours away, you want to find a construction machinery hauling company that can help. You only want the professionals doing this type of work, and you want to do your homework on any of the companies that you have considered using when you get quotes for the hauls. Here are some of the things that you should talk to a manager about, so you know the details and are ready to pick a reputable company.

Insurance Coverage

You want to talk with the company about the type of insurance they have for their drivers, truck, and for the machines they are hauling. They need enough insurance to cover the cost to repair any damages that may occur to the machine, and their own employees and vehicles. You don't want them coming after you if their driver is injured while doing a run with one of your machines.

Driver Certifications

Ask the company what type of certifications and credentials they require the drivers to have before they are hired. You should be able to trust that all of the drivers are licensed to drive semi-trucks, or specially trained to drive and haul heavy equipment behind them so there is a reduced risk of something happening to your equipment.

Price for a Contract  

If you have regular deliveries that you have to manage, you may want to ask about long term contract deals. If you agree to give the company all your long distance and short hauling jobs, they may be able to take a small percentage off of the price. This could also get you priority hauling, in case they are booked with jobs and you need to get somethings moved right away.

You need to be sure that you find a company that has the vehicles and the man power for the machinery hauling. If you need some of your machines and equipment to be covered, you need to find a company with covered trucks or flat trailers, so you can be sure that the machinery won't get damaged. It isn't a bad idea to go to the location and to explore the company you want to use, look at their trucks, and to meet some of the drivers that will be hauling your valuable pieces of equipment.

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