3 Gutter Supplements A Gutter Specialist Can Install To Help Prevent Water Damage To Your House

Posted on: 11 June 2018


A variety of products are on the market today that purport to help homeowners keep their gutters clean, prevent animals from taking up residence, prevent downspout clogs, and much more. However, not all of these products are equally effective, so you should consider getting the advice of a gutter specialist on which products will actually fill your needs. Here are three gutter supplements a gutter specialist can install to help prevent water damage to your house.

Gutter covers

There are many styles of gutter covers available, from the reverse curve style to the screen style. Ideally, a good debris-rejecting gutter cover will not only keep leaves from falling into the gutter, but will encourage them to slide to the ground rather than piling up at the edge of your roof. This is the best type of gutter cover if your gutters fill with leaves often.

Other types of gutter covers are designed for other purposes, such as preventing birds and animals from nesting in the gutter or preventing ice buildup. 

Downspout wedges

Downspout wedges tend to come with a screen that allows water to flow through to the downspout opening but doesn't let any leaves through. Tiny pieces of debris may still fall through, but these are less likely to cause a blockage inside the downspout. 

The design of the wedge is really the critical factor here. Some downspout wedges simply move the blockage point from inside the downspout to above the downspout. Talk to your gutter specialist about which product is likely to work best for you.

Downspout extensions

If your downspouts dump water right next to your house, your home's foundation (one of the most expensive and necessary parts of your home) can suffer severe water damage. Even if your yard slopes gently away from the foundation as it should, you still need downspout extensions to dump water several feet away from the house.

If the grade isn't exactly what it should be, even longer extensions and perhaps a French drain are in order. Although downspouts aren't literally gutters, they are an ancillary part of the system and a gutter specialist can help you find the right product to ensure its function.

These three supplemental products can make all the difference between an adequate gutter system that requires frequent cleaning and a hands-off one that you can rely on to keep water from damaging your siding, eaves, and foundation. Talk to a company like Art's Custom Seamless Gutters  Inc for more information.