Preparing Your Furnace For Winter Usage

Posted on: 20 July 2018


As you are preparing for the arrival of the cold winter weather, taking a few moments to prepare the furnace for this time of the year can provide benefits when the cold weather arrives. Unfortunately, people are often bad about taking these relatively simple actions.

Check The Condition Of The Air Filters

The air filters are one of the first parts of the furnace that you should inspect when you are preparing it for use. These filters can become completely or partially clogged, and this will limit the amount of air that is able to be circulated by the system. Before running the furnace, the air filters should be closely inspected to determine whether they need to be replaced. If you notice a thin or thick layer of dust on the surface of the filters, it is time to replace them.

Make Sure The Exterior Of Clean

Thoroughly cleaning the exterior of the furnace is another step that can prepare it for the intense usage it will experience during the winter. This may not seem like an important task, but the dirt and dust that can collect on the exterior may be able to become sufficiently thick to clog the vents of the furnace. Also, these materials may be able to get on the burner for the system, and this could inhibit its ability to function in a smooth and efficient manner.

Inspect The Outdoor Vent

In order to prevent the exhaust produced by the furnace from accumulating in the home, there will be a vent that takes these fumes out of the home. If you fail to check this vent before running the furnace for the first time after many months, the vent may have become clogged. This could allow for these exhaust fumes to start to rapidly accumulate in the home where they can present a serious safety risk to anyone in the house. Call in a professional such as Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. for help. 

Have Working Smoke And Monoxide Detectors

While furnaces are efficient and reliable heating systems, they can experience problems that may put you and your family at risk. Fire may be an obvious risk of having one of these systems, but the accumulation of carbon monoxide can be another serious problem as this can be a toxic gas for individuals to inhale. To make sure that you are aware of these issues before they can pose a safety risk, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be placed in the vicinity around the furnace so that an alarm can sound if these substances are detected.