How Firm Is Your Foundation? 4 Signs Your Home Has Hidden Foundation Damage

Posted on: 2 December 2018


If your home isn't sitting on a firm foundation, it could collapse around you. Unfortunately, if your foundation has problems, so does the rest of your house. Foundation problems aren't always easy to identify. Most people look for the usual signs such as crooked doors or cracks radiating from the corners of the door frames. However, those aren't the only signs that point to foundation damage.

If you suspect foundation problems in your home, check for the usual signs – doors, windows, and sagging floors. Then, look for the signs described below. If you experience any of the additional signs described here, you need to contact a foundation repair contractor as soon as possible.

1. Soil Erosion 

When it comes to checking your home for foundation damage, you've got to check for soil erosion. If the soil has washed out from under portions of your foundation, there's a good chance that you've got some damage. A good soil pack helps hold your foundation firm. If the soil pack isn't firm, your foundation is at risk.

2. Garage Floor Damage

If you've got cracks in the concrete floor of your garage, you need to take the damage seriously. If the cracks don't lead anywhere, or they're relatively small, they're probably caused by normal settling. However, if the cracks are deep and wide, and they spread out towards your home, you could be looking at serious trouble. To be on the safe side, have your home inspected for foundation damage. This is particularly important if the cracks in your garage floor match up with ridges that you've found in inside your home.

3. Bugs in Your Carpet

It's not unusual to find an occasional ant in your carpeting. After all, they do crawl in from the outside. However, if you have constant bug activity in your carpeting, especially centipedes, silverfish, and pill bugs, chances are good that you've got a cracked foundation hiding under the carpet. The cracks are allowing bugs to come up from the soil. Once inside, they'll crawl through the carpet fibers. If you've got increased bug activity in your carpeting, have your foundation inspected.

4. Cracks in Your Exterior Walls

When you have a damaged foundation, cracks don't only appear on your interior walls. They can also appear in your exterior walls, as well. If you suspect foundation damage, head outside and inspect your walls. If you see cracks in your stucco or cracks that follow the mortar lines in brick walls, it's time to have your foundation inspected.