Meeting Your Commercial Electrical Needs

Posted on: 2 December 2018


It is a reality that a commercial establishment will have vastly different electrical requirements than a residential property. When business owners are careless with these particular requirements, they can create a number of problems and hazards that could have otherwise been easily avoided.

Be Mindful Of The Electrical Demands Of Your Equipment

A business will have vastly more intensive energy requirements due to the numerous pieces of equipment that may be needed to run the business. Unfortunately, if you fail to consider the added energy demands that each piece of equipment will put on your business's electrical system, you could easily overwhelm the wiring, circuit breakers, and other electrical components. When this occurs, the building may need to undergo major repairs to avoid the risk of fire or unstable voltage.

Regularly Perform Energy Reviews And Audits

If you rarely review your business's energy usage patterns, you may miss out on opportunities to improve its efficiency. Additionally, this can help you to spot potential problems that could be developing. While thoroughly reviewing your monthly energy bills can be effective for identifying anomalous energy usage patterns, an energy audit will help you to determine upgrades that could improve the building's overall efficiency. A professional energy audit will be minimally disruptive to the enterprise while providing invaluable information.

Have Protections In Place Against Electrical Surges

Electrical surges can destroy many or all of the electrical and electronic devices that are in your business. Taking steps to reduce the risk of these surges being able to reach your devices is essential for protecting your business. While a whole-building surge suppression system is the ideal solution, installing this upgrade may not be possible if you rent your building. In these situations, outlet-based surge suppressors should be placed throughout the building so that all of your equipment can at least have this form of protection.

Keep The Circuit Breakers And Other Controls Secured

Over the course of a normal day, there may be a large number of employees and customers that have access to your building. If one of these individuals were to tamper with your business's circuit breakers or other electrical controls, it could cause major damage and expose you to serious civil liabilities. Investing in locks and other upgrades to prevent unauthorized access of these controls can eliminate this risk. For a business where these controls are located in easily accessed areas, this upgrade can be essential for preventing both intentional and accidental tampering or damage.

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