Pump, Pump It Up! Water Pump Types And What They Are Used For

Posted on: 10 April 2019


There are so many different water pump systems that you may be wondering about which one to choose. This contractor or that contractor may also have a preferred type of pump or a preferred brand of pump, which may not really be of much help either unless you have done your research and you "like" a certain pump for the job at hand. To get a better idea of what is available, and the types of pumps and what they do, the following is provided. 

Shallow Well Pumps

Just as the name suggests, these pumps are for the shallowest of wells. A lot of wells are, and have to be, dug deep, but on occasion there are natural springs or aquifers of water close to the surface of the ground. That is when you use the shallow well pump system, which is not very powerful because it does not need to be. It is not working against gravity to pull water up a great distance out of the ground, so it is as powerful as it is designed to be.

Deep Well Pumps

Conversely, you have deep well pumps. These pumps are the ones typically used for most wells, since most wells tend to be pretty deep in the ground. Deep well pumps are further subdivided into submersible and non-submersible.

Submersible Well Pumps

Submersible well pumps can be submerged into the very bottom of the well. Sometimes this helps the pump system work better to get more water out of the well and get every last drop so that you do not have to dig a new well quite so soon. A professional well contractor has to dig the well, and then he/she has to don scuba gear to take the pump down to the bottom of the well and secure it so that it remains in an upright position. 

Non-Submersible Well Pumps

Non-submersible pumps cannot be dropped into a well and left there. They need to be secured above the water line, with hoses and leads leading out of the well and hoses leading into the water supply. If, for whatever reason, the water in the well should rise higher, your contractor will need to remove this sort of pump and install it higher than the water level or replace it with a pump that can be submerged to avoid damaging your pump. When you dig a new well, and you want to use a non-submersible pump system, you may need to wait until after a heavy rainstorm to see where the water line comes up to in the well before you install the pump.

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