3 Valid Reasons To Replace A Boat Hatch

Posted on: 23 May 2019


Hatches are a critical element in most modern boat designs. A hatch serves as a type of window or skylight for the living space below deck. It's important that each hatch maintains a watertight seal to prevent serious damage to your boat's interior.

Replacing a boat hatch might seem like a costly and labor-intensive task, but it is actually quite simple. Take the time to evaluate the hatches on your vessel to determine if there are some valid reasons to replace a hatch in the future.

1. The Seal Is Compromised

If you look closely at any hatch on board your boat, you will see that there is a sealant that acts as a buffer between the hatch and the structure of your boat. This sealant is designed to create a watertight edge by filling in any small spaces between the hatch and boat structure.

It is common for this seal to break down over time and begin to leak. You can use a hose to check the integrity of each hatch seal and identify the specific areas where leaks may become a problem. Replace the compromised hatch with a new one and install a new seal to keep water outside your boat.

2. The Hatch Is a Nuisance

It is possible for your needs to change in relation to the hatches that are installed on your boat. Perhaps you are looking to add solar panels to your vessel. You may have completed some remodeling that involved changing the layout of the deck.

These alterations could leave you with a hatch that is a serious nuisance. If you find that your hatches are encountering obstacles or obscuring equipment when opened, it is time to invest in new ones. You can install new watertight hatches that will open in the direction best suited for the space in which they will operate aboard your boat.

3. The Hatch Is Damaged

The exterior surfaces of a hatch can become damaged when exposed to the elements over an extended period of time. The hatch may crack, peel, or show signs of additional damage. You should always have a damaged hatch replaced.

You don't want the hatch to fail while you are out on the open water, so it's best to have a new hatch replace the damaged one to ensure that your boat remains watertight and as safe as possible while it is in use. Contact a company like Marine & Construction Supplies LLC for more information.