How To Stay Excited About A Custom Home Project

Posted on: 23 April 2020


You have found a design build home builder in your area to start a project. Everything is lining up nicely, and the job seems likely to move forward. You'd be forgiven for feeling like some of the excitement of working with a custom home builder is behind you. If you follow these four tips, though, you can get back some of the excitement for your project.

Think Beyond the Walls

A lot of folks narrowly focus on the structure itself when they plan custom homes. There's nothing wrong with want to create an amazing living space, but you should also give some thought to exterior design elements, landscaping, and outdoor living features. Small items like patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens can afford lots of enjoyment and functionality. It also can be fun to think about how you'll put them to use when the job is done.

Include Everyone

If you have a kid who's old enough to get the idea of what design build homes are, for example, don't be afraid to seek their input. Their perspective can give your efforts renewed interest as you try to accommodate their ideas. A kid's bedroom might be made into a more fun play space by integrating the bed into the walls to frame a clubhouse underneath it. They'll have a perch to look down on the room from, and there will also be a fun hiding and play area underneath.

Get Jealous of Other People's Homes

Look at a house that a neighbor or family member owns. You could even check out the homes that are featured in magazines. A little jealousy may be what it takes to get the juices flowing.

You might see, for example, a great way to integrate a bar into a large kitchen. This would make for a superb entertainment space. Present your idea to your custom home builder, and ask how they might integrate it.

Fixate on Style

By the time you've started planning out the project, you probably have at least a broad stylistic choice in mind for the house. Don't stop at deciding that you want to create an organic modernist home, for example. Take a deep dive into what the style has to offer and which trends are emerging. Not only will your exploration provide fresh plans for the project, but it will give you the vocabulary needed to describe your new place when you show it off to visitors.