Roof Wear And Repairs Where Improvements Will Stop Problems

Posted on: 4 August 2020


Where there is severe wear of roofing, these problems can lead to leaks and serious water damage. Therefore, repairing these problems needs to be done by a professional, and improvements need to be made to prevent them from returning. The following roof wear problems can be prevented with improvements when you have the damage repaired.

Repairs for Leaking Valleys—One of the first areas of your roof that can wear and leak is a valley. If there are valleys on your roof, all the runoff concentrates here and causes shingles to wear. Often the shingles need to be replaced to complete this repair. If you are replacing shingles in a valley, reinforce the valley with a layer of rubber membrane beneath the traditional metal flashing.

Dealing with Chimney Leaks—The chimney is another area where you may have problems with wear and leaks. The damaged area should be removed and the roof behind the chimney rebuilt to improve the runoff and prevent the leaks. These areas can be reinforced with a membrane beneath the shingles to help stop leaks if they are damaged again.

Problems with Excessive Runoff—There could be areas of your roof where too much of the rain runoff concentrates and causes excessive wear. These areas will need to have some shingles replaced and can be improved by improving the watershed of the roof design. In addition, installing rubber membranes beneath flashing in these areas will help prevent leaks that cause serious water damage. The extra layer of membrane will provide extra protection from leaks and the damage that they cause. In addition, rubber will help seal around the nails that often cause leaks in these areas. 

Shaded Areas and Fungus Repairs—If there are areas where your roof has too much shade, fungus-like moss can grow and cause damage. The shingles that have been severely damaged by moss or lichen will need to be replaced. After replacing the shingles, a couple of things can be done to inhibit fungus growth. First, you will want to trim any branches of trees to allow sunlight through if this is the cause of the shade. You can also use zinc strips and flashing to help prevent fungus growth on the shingles.

When repairing the damage caused by wear, these improvements will help stop problems from returning. If you need help with repairs due to wear, contact a roof repair service and talk to them about these improvements when they fix problems.

To learn more, contact a roofing repair contractor.