Keys To Setting Up Handrails Around A Residential Deck

Posted on: 15 March 2021


Any type of deck you have on your property needs a handrail system. Then you can safely use this deck over the years. Setting up these materials won't be so bad if you carefully approach this installation process from top to bottom.

Make Sure Posts are High-Quality

The posts of a deck railing system will play a big structural role. You thus want to make sure you invest in high-quality posts that can handle the force they're exposed to from the other decking materials. 

Thick wooden posts tend to be the standard for quality with any sort of handrail system. Even if your railing system isn't made out of wood and instead features some type of metal, wood posts will give you a good foundation to start this handrail installation off right. Once high-quality wood posts are secure, you can begin adding in the rest of the materials and sections.

Utilize a Leveler 

Having a level handrail system on your deck is key from an aesthetic standpoint, but also in terms of how the handrail functions. You don't want any section being lower than the rest after all because then your deck wouldn't be as safe as it should be.

You'll have an easier time ensuring the handrail system you install on the deck is even by using a leveler. It's such a simple device and yet has profound effects on getting this handrail at the right height across every section. 

Have Handrails Inspected After Installation

Once you finish putting handrails on a deck around your property, you should have it professionally inspected by a contractor that deals with deck builds and their coding regulations. They'll let you know if the deck is the right height and has the right amount of support to pass safety inspections.

If it doesn't and they find problems, at least this inspection can help you make improvements — whether that's completing them yourself or just having a contractor take over. You always want to know where your deck railing system stands from a regulatory standpoint so that you're not ever penalized. 

Handrails have a huge role in residential decks because they create a safe border around this structure. If you believe you can take on a deck railing install yourself, there are plenty of protocols you can observe that will get you to a successful point of working with these materials and securing them in place.