The Challenges of Delivering & Installing Modular Homes

Posted on: 9 July 2015

After spending countless hours looking through all the floor plans of prefabricated homes, it's exciting to finally decide on a modular system. But before you go to place your order with the builder, do you already have a lot? Some people falsely believe that most of the construction of their modular home can take place before they even have a lot to put it on. However, modular home builders need to make sure that the modules can be delivered to the lot by semi-trucks and installed by crane services.
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Renovating? 3 Reasons To Choose Junk Removal Services Over A Traditional Dumpster

Posted on: 22 June 2015

Although it might be easy to underestimate the construction debris generated from a home renovation, trash can pile up fast when you are pulling down drywall or replacing counters. To remedy the problem, some homeowners choose to rent a dumpster and park it outside for a few weeks. However, there might be an easier way to take care of all of that extra garbage. Here are three reasons to choose junk removal services over a traditional dumpster, and why you won't regret your decision:
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Vinyl Or Fiberglass: Tips For Caring For Two Popular Types Of In-Ground Pools

Posted on: 2 June 2015

According to theInternational Aquatic Foundation, in 2004 over four million families enjoyed the luxury, relaxation and fun that comes with owning an in-ground pool. However, not all in-ground pools are created equally, and each has its own unique care and maintenance needs. Here are two popular types of in-ground pools – vinyl and fiberglass – and the basic upkeep each requires: Caring for a Vinyl Pool A popular and cost-effective option, vinyl pool liners are relatively easy to care for, and if this care is done properly, the liner can last for several years.
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Insist On Hot-Galvanized Wrought Iron And Enjoy A Fence That Won't Rust

Posted on: 13 May 2015

Wrought iron work fences are beautiful and strong, but they have one significant disadvantage when compare to aluminum fencing: most wrought iron rusts if it's not routinely maintained. A hot-galvanized wrought iron fence, however, will last for decades without rusting. If you're installing a wrought iron fence around your home, talk to your contractor about hot-galvanized wrought iron. It may cost a little more than a zinc-plated wrought iron fence, but hot galvanization will make your wrought iron fence just as impervious to rust as aluminum is.
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